DARTrader under Decentral Arts was certified by NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022

DARTrader under Decentral Arts was certified by NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022


On 20th Nov 2022, NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022 was successfully held in Shenzhen. The event has invited a range of experts, institutions and medias in decentral art field to explore the future of NFT and digital art.


As a significant role in digital art, DARTrader’s core team , Decentral Arts, was attended the event.




At the ceremony, the invited guests (senior practitioners of each blockchain) delivered a wonderful speech. The representative of Decentral Arts made a speech, expressed his profound views and good wishes on the digital art industry, and said that he always adhered to the spirit of win-win cooperation and reached cooperation with various digital art supporters, which won applause from the whole audience.



DARTrader is an NFT trading platform created by the Decentral Arts team. It has rich global first-class artist resources, as well as super large and landmark IP cooperation channels. It has jointly operated multiple top-level IPs with national museums/art institutions, and is committed to the decentralized development of Canadian art. Through this activity, Decentral Arts and many participants enjoyed the art feast and reached a series of cooperation. It is reported that Decentral Arts has obtained the official certification of NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022.



Art enriches and frees the soul, which is the most precious treasure in the world. The art itself has been extended because of the development and innovation of countless pioneers. DARTrader is not an art platform, not a middleman, but a decentralized organization team. It is an art diversified organization that makes art more open and artists more active. Art can create more value and make this noisy world peaceful and beautiful. DARTrader allows artists to cross borders and make art more interesting.

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