The virtual world is a reality, the “Three Kingdoms Alliance” is a shocking launch

The Three Kingdoms genre is loved by a superb number of players, both men and women, who want to reign over the Three Kingdoms and have their own armies and cities in a chaotic world. But in the current market, it is hard to find a role-playing collectible card game with top-notch art and design that focuses on the Three Kingdoms. The combination of Three Kingdoms history and cryptocurrency, as told through the online game, will be extremely appealing to those interested in cryptocurrency, fans of Three Kingdoms-themed games, and geeks curious about blockchain technology.

“The Three Kingdoms Alliance is a fantastic game that combines the history of the Three Kingdoms and blockchain technology, developed with investment from Taiwan’s leading game development company IGS. This increases the player’s commitment to the game and ensures the stability of the underlying NFT resources and token pool. This new game mode is known as ‘play to win’ and allows players to enjoy the game and make a profit at the same time.

“The Three Kingdoms Alliance is also a new combination of a variety of gameplay and a strategy NFT game. Players can experience a variety of gameplay systems in the game. For example, personalised nicknames, special effect cards, free combination of characters for mining, character card development system, equipment upgrade, siege and occupation system, weapon mall, etc.  The first stage of the game will allow players to experience a wide range of mining combinations, with different combinations of characters and equipment of different levels at different times, and to obtain rewards for mining. In the second phase, more strategic and interactive gameplay will be added, including unions, alliances, armies, formations, siege battles and more. The third phase will include a VR/AR virtual reality experience. The team is motivated to create the first extremely game-like card project in the blockchain world.

1. How do I get NFT cards?

Users can obtain the NFT blind box card packs of “Three Kingdoms Alliance” through channels such as “pledge card draw” and “mall card draw”, each card pack opens different NFT cards depending on the number of tokens pledged, star rating and purchase channels.

2. Card Draw Shop

From time to time, the card draw shop will feature official NFT blind box packs, so keep an eye out for announcements on the “League of Three Kingdoms”.

3、Trade Market

There is no upper limit to the number of times a warlord can go on an expedition, and the more warlords you have, the more strongholds and mines you can occupy.

4、How do I get the income?

The basic way of gaining income – recharge the monthly card There are many ways to get “Three Kingdoms Alliance” NFT, when you open a monthly card, you will be qualified to mine the diamond furnace, the diamond furnace can produce a certain amount of diamonds, diamonds can be exchanged for tokens according to the proportion, the tokens obtained can be withdrawn at the exchange (pancake exchange) according to a certain proportion, thus The tokens earned can be withdrawn from the exchange (Pancake Exchange) at a certain percentage to earn in-game revenue. The following are the percentages of earnings for different amounts of monthly cards.

“The Three Kingdoms Alliance will be a virtual world that is always online, with an unlimited number of players who can participate in it at the same time. It will also have a full economic system running non-stop and will be able to span both the real and digital worlds. At the same time, any image, content, wealth, etc. based on data information will be able to circulate within the game, and “Three Kingdoms Alliance” will hopefully provide players with the most unique and original gaming experience – an emotional experience that makes fighting, developing and earning money in the game fun and useful!

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